Oscar Alvarez

Oscar has been with the construction and development industries for eleven years now. He began with overseeing projects, estimating jobs, and pricing work. He then partnered with HG Construction for the next seven years, and finally ventured off to form Miacon Group.


Michael Parker

Michael supervises construction projects from beginning to end, ensuring that projects are completed within time and budgetary constraints. He spends time out in the field, working closely with building engineers, architects, designers, and vendors.

Ernesto Sarmiento

Ernesto runs the day-to-day operations on the construction sites and controls the short-term schedule.


Ernesto ensures the quality behind the trades and coordinates subcontractor responsibilities.


Maria Alvarez

Maria is responsible for all accounting related activities. She prepares financial statements, reports, handles payroll, and oversees the auditing, accounting and budgeting activities.

Maria has been responsible for the accounting, financial, and budgeting operations of the company for the last 22 years.


Jenny Lago

Jenny handles marketing and outreach. Specifically the website, overall digital presence, and brand. She also focuses on involvement within industry organizations, attending events and building new relationships.

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